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Se Los

A street vendor pushes his cart across the blocked intersection on Calle Bucareli. Moments before, The barrier errected acting as the literal governmental response to the fight for justice by the families of the 43 Ayotzinapa student/tachers. as a mean to silence victims seeking justice for a brutal massacre of 43 student/teachers from Ayotzinapa a year earlier. The street was cleared of the protest by police using tear gas.


"Vivos se los llevaron, vivos los queremos."

Photostory by Rodrigo Gaya
Photographed April 25, 2017
Published August 25, 2020
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As I was leaving a meeting down the street, walking with my camera in CDMX as I normally had done, I noticed the barrier erected before anyone had arrived.


Police waiting for the manifestation to arrive, they had their shoes shined, grabbed a quick bite to eat.

Interested in what was about to take place, I asked an officer what was about to happen. "Vienen los de Ayotzinapa."

In the aftermath, as the tension crescendo, life in the city couldn't help but move on.

Just beyond the barrier, a street vendor passes through. The families of these students left with no answers.

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