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My Favorite Lens | What's In The Bag

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

What's in the bag is a quick look into the gear freelance photographer.

A gallery of images showcasing why the Fujinon 23mm 1:1.4r quickly became my favorite lens.

If my images aren't good, I'm not close enough. How this prime lens helped my photography take the next step.

By Rodrigo Gaya


Sitting for a portrait with my fujifilm xt-1, 23mm 1:1.4 lens. Photo by Forest Casey/Magnolia Tintype using a 1890's era camera. Eight second exposure.

The Fujinon XF 23mm 1:1.4R lens is the staple of my work as a documentary photographer.

On a Fujifilm X-T2 ASP-C sensor, its the 35mm focal length equivalent. Some say its about the focal length of what the eye sees. Small in size, big in quality and sharpness.

It's the most traditional focal length around. A staple in the quiver of all of the legendary photographers.

If you've heard the phrase "If your images are good, you're not close enough" by Robert Cappa, he was basically speaking of this focal length as a prime.

Great for street photography, studio work, photojournalism, events, weddings, anything low light, even my surf photography.

The fast aperture in this lens allows me to shoot in low light and it's bokeh is very clean. The prime lens forced me to get close to make better images, while making me rethink how I shoot environmental portraits.


Its auto focusing system is very clean, but loud. So for video, manual focus is best. But that's about it.

My sample gallery:


Check out you may get lucky and find a good deal. Anything under $700 is a steal, but make sure to do your research.

For that, I always use . Best lenses for Fujifilm Mirrorless System

All photos 2020 Copyright Rodrigo Gaya / Gayaman Visual Studio, LLC

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