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Fashion Strikes Cancer - 4th Annual Fundraiser | Event

Fashion Strikes Cancer 2019 at The Moore Building in the Miami Design District

October 26th, 2019 - Miami, FL – Fashion visionary and breast cancer survivor Angeles Almuna Weil hosted, along with the Miami Design District, the 4th Annual Fundraiser, Fashion Strikes Cancer at the historic Moore Building.

In benefit of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) & honoring BCRF Co-Chair Kinga Lampert, the social event showcased captivating images of 35 women impacted by breast cancer photographed by photographer Tato Gomez, projected onto artist's Luis Pons' sculptures, entitled 'SELFLESS'...

"Being selfless came into my life after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015, but it was not something that arouse within me immediately.

In my struggle with moments that I could not control, I came to understand that kindness and generosity are the best qualities to help someone who needs care, love and appreciation.

As a photography installation during the 4th Annual Fashion Strikes Cancer hosted by Miami Design District and myself, "Selfless" became a way to showcase the women's faces that gave me love when I was in need.

I chose these 35 women for their stories with breast cancer & their experience as survivors. They shared their real, humbling journeys, and chose be selfless when someone in need asked for help. 

The black & white portraits where collected into a film, with an animated line going through the pictures connecting us all in our story as survivors. These women appeared in my life as helpers for good. Now I am giving to them all my gratitude, in a story finishing in one impressive picture that represents a powerful union between the illness and our humanity. The line continues, interacting in a playful manner. Representing them as they are, some with decorations and others as they are, simple.

Ultimately, the line represents the main scar that will always be on the chest of woman who helped me become a better self, through the pain that we've shared, and will be there until death." - Angeles

Photos by Rodrigo Gaya (c) 2019


For more info, contact Angeles Almuna , or Rodrigo Gaya via the contact page.

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