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An invitation

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

to the opening of Florida Room no 1, an art exhibition at KDR 305 Gallery in Miami FL.

I'm showing two 11x14in images that night, as an edition of 3 prints + 1/1 NFT (more on that below).

My photographic process involves a simple function: go outside and experience the chaos involved in a major city built on a swamp.

The photographs encompass the relationship in Florida between our expanding communities and it's surrounding nature.

Think street photography a la Florida.

The shoreline changing, shifting, impermanent.



MAR. 13 – APR. 17, 2022


1322 SW 11 TH STREET

MIAMI FL 33135

KDR305 presents Florida Room No1, featuring 24 artists, writers, and makers in an eclectic sunroom setting. Florida Room No1 acts as a survey of subtropical artists living and working from Miami and beyond. Inspired by the Greater NY show at MOMA PS1 that assembles artists from the metropolitan area, this exhibition celebrates a snapshot of Floridian artists' uncanny and familiar “humid” thread they all share through various practices in an intergenerational grouping.


Thematically the artworks overall range from the organic, nautical, historical, fantastical, sometimes problematic, political, climate-related, flora, fauna, folklore, underwater, over water, of course, the beauty, and most of all the quirkiness that is the peninsula!

Jason Arles (b.1983), Zack Balber ( b.1983), R. Beans ( b.1986), Kelly Breez ( b.1985), Autumn Casey ( b.1987), Beatriz Chachamovits (b. 1986), Max Ferro (b.1985), Naomi Fisher (b.1976), Raymond Fort ( b.1988), Rodrigo Gaya (b.1987), Adler Guerrier (b.1975), Islandia Journal (est. 2019), Justin H Long (b.1980), Carly Mejeur (b.1986), Nicole Mijares (b.1990), Jessy Nite (b.1985), Ian Patrick O'Connor (b.1982), Brett Olivieri ( b.1986), Lauren Shapiro (b.1984), Paul Anthony Smith (b. 1988), Magnus Sodamin ( b.1987), Cornelius Tulloch (b.1997), Alexandra T. Vazquez (b.1976), Purvis Young (b.1943-2010)

KDR305 is a contemporary exhibition space housed in a 101 yr old cottage in the heart of Little Havana, Miami, FL. The exhibition opens Sunday, March 13, from 2 pm - 5 pm. Rideshare is encouraged as there is little public street parking. For images, information and appointments, please contact

NFT Release

Im also releasing my first NFT the next day on, a NFT-hosting platform for artists.

Each image is limited to 1/1 token for the digital version (jpeg) as a smart contract written on the ethereum blockchain.

To help offset any potential environmental impact of the production of the artwork, and to promote their work in general, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Urban Paradise Guild, a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to the stewardship of native habitats in Miami.

See you then,

- Rodrigo

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