If you want equality, you first must go outside.

The camera is my way of experiencing & understanding the world around me. 

It's the best way I know how to be of service.

I also get to play with time, and capture the impermanence of life.

Allowing for organic expression as the moment arises,

I photograph people in their space.

Sharing stories showcasing humanity's many cultural expressions.





A photography & video visual studio focused on producing organic, documentary-styled content for a wide array of clients.


While mastering the skill with over 15 years of photographic experience, I also help guide photographers with a hands-on teaching series,

called Photo Editor.

Contact for availability, questions, collaboration ideas.

New client opportunities welcome. No project is too big or small.

New site under construction.

Please excuse any broken links.


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How an ancient Aztec tradition lives on through this character in this Mexican 'Pueblo Magico'.

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Vochos Unidos


There are some for whom a humble object reveals a deep passion for life, love, & community.


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Living at the edge of a life beyond fear.



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