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Basel With Angeles

For this cancer survivor, the best remedy was to put on a fancy dress, designer shoes, and allow her joi-de-vie to flourish.

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Photos, Text, & Video by Rodrigo Gaya/Gayaman Visual Studio, LLC

'Im just Angeles', she said, responding humbly to a stranger who walked up to her admiring her dress, deflecting all praise. Someone recognized her from the 30 foot portrait by Abstrak, in Miami's posh Design District, and showered her with compliments.

Life as a flamenco dancer, artist, fashionista, & social influencer all helped form her identity. But within a few months, the cancer, chemotherapy & radiation treatments began to pull it apart.


Longstanding feminine ideals begin to shed, turning a strong sense of identity into a constant reminder of a past life long gone.

Cancer is the beginning of the end. For some, is the end of their time in this life, for Angeles, it was the end of fear & doubt.


Beside a three-story tall portrait of Angeles in a head scarf, are the words, 'One Day at A Time.' In the fight against breast cancer, not only is it the best way to deal with the pain & suffering, and drastic physical change, "One day at a time" becomes the only survival tactic.

As Art Basel takes over Miami in December, it brings with it many social events to help showcase the artwork, collaborate with art adjacent companies. Think of it as the Super Bowl for art in western hemisphere.

For Angeles, it's her busiest time of the year. Exhibits, shows, events, parties, one after another. Over two seasons, we spent many hours together, I followed her along her journey coming back into the high-glamour world of Miami Art Basel and the strength she showed in restarting her life.


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