Revolcadero #4 | Visual Haiku | Print
  • Revolcadero #4 | Visual Haiku | Print

    The volcanic sand mixes on the shoreline of playa Revolcadero in Acapulco Mexico.


    "Revolcadero #4", is part of the "Visual Haiku" series titled 'Revolcadero' by Rodrigo Gaya.

    Limited Edition of 9 Fine Art Prints


    Custom Printing Available.

    • Specs

      Print Sizes:

      20 x 30in Small
      24 x 36in Standard
      30 x 40in Large

      Print Options:

      2 in border for matte frame

      Edge-to-Edge printing


      Custom size prints available upon request.

      Expect prices to adjust accordingly.

    • Print & Shipping Details

      - Image can be printed with a small margin (1-2 in on each side) to allow for handling and framing with or without matte.

      - Personally signed (bottom corner), and options of dedications on the back of the image.

      - Printed on Museum Quality Archival paper.

      - Ships with Certificate of Authenticity.

      - Please allow a few days to process the order.

      - Shipped in hard tube for larger sizes, at extra cost.

      - Shipping:

      US: $25-35 usd

      Mexico: $500-800 mxn

      Other: TBD

      Ships from either Carbon4 in Mexico City or IA Digital Printing in Miami FL (Depending on my location, at no extra cost to client).

      - Additional shipping for multiple items.

      - All sales final.

      - Taxes not included.

    • How will it fit at home?

      For best fit, please refer to a local framing shop near you.

      Images are printed in various sizes to allow for the work to fit in all homes.

      "I have a frame that I'd like to use":

      - Get the exact measurements and adjust accordingly.

      Remember, there's a small edge to the print (included in the size), which allows space for all framing options: Edge to frame, or with a matte.

      Here are low cost frame options from Target.