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How to narrow down 1500 photos to just 1 | Whats in the Bag?

So you went out for a stroll, camera in hand, and began photographing everything in sight.

Now the question is, how do find your best images without taking as many shooting hours to just process them?

Thankfully, there's an app for that.

Photomechanic has been in my toolkit since I first began making images as a staff photographer for the Michigan Daily in 2005. The photo editors there showed me the ins and outs of this basic, yet wonderfully functional software.

Photomechanic allows you to ingest while applying metadata (maybe its most important function), cull through and tag your selects, then narrow down your 'take home' (the images you actually want the world to see), all prepped and ready to being the adjustments.

Regardless of whether its a paid client, or a street photography session, in this case a swim in Baja California Sur, my workflow is the same:

  1. Prep my gear. (Batteries charged, memory backed up and formatted, lens cleaned, etc)

  2. Make amazing photographs (well maybe one good one).

  3. Back at home, go through the images via the viewfinder, and select many images to transfer to cell.

  4. Ingest via photomechanic to hard drive. Adding metadata, keywords, and copyright information.

  5. View all images on monitor while Tagging selected images. (I usually never delete an image)

  6. Color coding with number rating (1,2,3,4,5...). This is where you can finalize your decision on which image is best. This process requires the most attention. Here is where I really decide which images to send to Capture One for adjustments.

  7. Import to Capture One catalogue and adjust images as needed. I try to get the most out of the sensor, and try to edit as little as possible. Find yourself cropping a lot? Your not shooting correctly.

  8. Export to cloud.

Here's a live stream video of an post-process session using Photomechanic, going through images I took over a couple of days from a recent road trip in Baja California Sur. This beach town, Cerritos, is magical. Beautiful beaches, right hand point break for surfing, and mountain deserts in the background.

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