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Art Through Chaos

There are physical limitations that bound us to our experiences (like the law of gravity), yet within this space, pure and utter chaos (think quantum level).

Our lives seem to be based on this, yet we fight it at every turn. We fear fear. We are scared to be present enough to fully feel our emotions. Creating extravagant narratives in our minds to protect ourselves from disappointments of the past, and the uncertainty of the future. Attaching to happiness, disregarding impermanence, anxiously longing for its return. 

Bobbing up and down in a massive swell of emotions.  Just like these photons reflecting on the surface of the water. Simple elements, playing impermanently.

Organized chaos, it’s all around us, in everything we do. How can one accept pure, natural chaos? How can we process the fear?  Can we accepted the impermanence of our lives?

This on-going photographic series, #LightWaterReflection, plays with the basic elements of life, death, & how we interact with them on a daily basis.

After taking a deep dive and reflecting on my basic studies of meditation, Buddhism, quantum physics, and my subjective reality, I came across a new way to experience my organized chaos and it’s impermanent nature.

You’ve never done anything in your life without breathing.

Taking each moment as it comes is a classic Buddhist principle, awareness. They define a moment by the breath – inhale is life, exhale is death – a way karma could be defined. It is almost impossible to stay aware of our surroundings, thoughts and emotions, in perpetuity (if you can welcome to Buddhahood).

Yet, as we practice awareness meditation, we can sharpen the breath into a tool that can help us from attaching to each of our random thought patterns. 

The breath becomes a hack saw, cutting off the attachment to concepts we’re constantly forming (good, bad, happiness, sadness, love, etc). While these ideas are present, we must watch our mind before we allow ourselves to fall into samsara, defined as ‘the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.’

Click here for the full gallery.

These images of light reflecting on bodies of water highlight this nature. In seeing it directly – and how it occurs daily in nature, this series attempts to alleviate the stress of life and provide a context to its understanding.

A pulled back, full view of the Miami Skyline.

Prints are limited edition to 5 total prints. Three sizes available (5×7, 11×18, 24×40 inch).



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