Windhorse | Print
  • Windhorse | Print

    In letting go, you can discover the self-exisiting energy known as 'Windhorse'. This energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is.


    Naturally letting go of worryng about your own state of mind, you can begin to be of service to others.


    'The warrior who experiences windhorse feels the joy & sorrow of love in everything they do.' - Shambhala: The Sacred Path of The Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.


    "Windhorse" by Rodrigo Gaya.

    Limited Edition of 9 Fine Art Prints.


    Sizing and final price depending on your request. 


    Custom Printing Available. Unframed.

    • Print & Shipping Details

      - Personally signed (bottom corner), and options of dedications on the back of the image.

      - Ships with Certificate of Authenticity.

      - Please allow a few days to process the order.

      - Shipped in hard tube

      - Shipping:

      US: $25-35 usd

      Mexico: $500-800 mxn

      Other: TBD

      Ships from either Carbon4 in Mexico City or IA Digital Printing in Miami FL (Depending on my location, at no extra cost to client).

      - All sales final.

      - Taxes not included.

    • How will it fit at home?

      For best fit, please refer to a local framing shop near you.

      Images are printed in various sizes to allow for the work to fit in all homes.

      "I have a frame that I'd like to use":

      - Get the exact measurements and adjust accordingly.

      Remember, there's a small edge to the print (included in the size), which allows space for all framing options: Edge to frame, or with a matte.

    • Specs

      Print Sizes:

      20 x 30in Small
      24 x 36in Standard
      30 x 40in Large

      Print Options:

      2 in border for matte frame

      Edge-to-Edge printing


      Custom size prints available upon request.

      Expect prices to adjust accordingly.