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Visual Haiku (2016 - current) is an ode to impermanence. A collection of single or sequenced images, using minimal elements to express a moment, of the passing of time, in nature.


This work is inspired visually by the Haiku and the centuries-old, Japanese tradition of writing jisei, 'death poem'.

A Mirror (2010 - Current) originating from a fascination with high-rise buildings ever-expanding into the Miami skyline, and printing high resolution prints, in large sizes.


Using changes in perspective to disarm the viewer of their perceptions of the permanent-seeming, mega-structures.

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Light Water Reflection (2015 - current) showcases the chaotic & impermanent nature ruling our subjective reality.

We as energy receptors (our senses) connected to a gooey three-pound processor (our brains), are limited by our attention & physical ability to perceive or understand the full expression of energy and light.

As photons only slow down when they penetrate water, the relationship creates the 'Caustic Effect', which is used to describe our nature.

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Mixed Media, (2012-2015) includes artwork stemming from images, that inspired me to work with different mediums, during a period of my life where I felt the camera was a burden from which I needed space.

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